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About Us

A.M. Bagel is a collaboration between Husband and Wife, Myron and Alexis Seniw, two passionate people who bonded over their love of hospitality, food, and family. They strongly believe that all good things start and end with food. 


Alexis has worked in restaurants for the last 15 years, starting as a hostess and working her way up to a catering marketing coordinator.  She graduated from Uconn with a Bachelors in Political Science and from Fairfield University with a Masters in TESOL. Her experiences in each unique field have provided her with a multitude of opportunities to strengthen her skills as a leader and business owner. 

Myron Seniw was born in Ukraine and raised to have a deep appreciation for food. His love for food started at a young age as he watched his mother and grandmother harvest, tend, and make their food from scratch. He went on to graduate from Johnson and Wales with his Bachelors in Culinary Arts Food Service Management. Throughout his career as a chef he has worked in restaurants, catering facilities, and even the Patriot's Stadium. Myron has endless amounts of talent and experience in creating unique and delicious food. His passion for food shines through in all that he makes but especially in his unique A.M. Style bagels!

Alexis and Myron began making bagels for fun during the 2019 Holiday Break. They were motivated by the lack of options in the area and wanted to tackle it head on. Once their friends got word of them making bagels, they wanted to try them! They decided to start delivering their friends test batches along with a Google survey. Each time they read the feedback and went back to redesigning their recipe. It wasn't until friends of friends began texting them to order that they realized they had discovered something very special. 


Alexis went on to get a Cottage House License which allowed her to bake and sell out of her house during Covid-19. What began as a fun hobby, quickly turned into a full-time passion and career opportunity. Alexis and Myron were delivering bagels 3 days a week for months until they found a brick and mortar to call their home.  A.M. Bagel located at 111 New Haven Avenue, Derby, CT. is a small family run shop with an old-school feel. The owners are very grateful for the community support and continuous outpouring of love. 

Recently, in July 2023, Alexis and Myron welcomed a new Bagel Baby into the family. Juliette Seniw has quickly become a regular face at the shop and can't wait to start making bagels with them!

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